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Smart Kids - Swimming Programme

RHKYC Charity Foundation's partnership with the Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre (AKA) started back in 2017 and continued this summer with groups of underprivileged and Special Education Needs (SEN) children being given swimming lessons.

With Covid and the social distancing measures imposed by the Government, it was very hard for the AKA and their swimming coaches to find a slot at the public swimming pools and so this time we invited the kids to have their lessons at Kellett Island instead!

Towards the end of their summer programme, two of the lucky kids and a parent were interviewed by the HK01 and they revealed that by attending the swimming lessons, not only did they gain water confidence, their participation in the water sports also helped them focus more on academic studies.

It’s great to get the kids comfortable in the water… next step… introduce them to our sports of sailing, rowing and paddling!

Above: RHKYC Charity Foundation’s Ambrose Lo (left) and Adrian Pang (right) with one of the several groups of kids that took part. Image credit: HK01

Below: AKA and their swimming coach introduced a mentor and mentee initiative in the swimming programme by having big sisters and brothers to become Assistant Coaches during lessons. Lai Man Ting (first from right) is one of the mentors coaching the two kids.


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