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RHKYC Charity Foundation Donation of Toys to SoCO


Christmas came early for underprivileged kids in Shamshuipo as entrepreneur brothers and RHKYC members Victor and Samson Chan took time from their busy schedule to spread some cheer. The brothers, who run a toy manufacturing business decided to donate huge boxes of brand new toys to the RHKYC Charity Foundation for SOCO (the Society of Community Organisation) which, among other things, provides support for less fortunate children, many from families living below the poverty line.

It being a weekday, many children were at school, but some younger ones and their parents were already waiting eagerly at the Center for the Chan brothers to arrive with the toys. After some of the toys were laid out, the children were eager to make their choices. Excited voices chimed up all around: “I would like to have that big doll – look mom, her eyes shut!” one little girl exclaimed. One mother asked “May I have the multi-coloured ducks? I want to teach my boy to learn colours for his school interview” whilst another child wistfully said “Mom, can I get that cooking set? I can learn to cook and help you make dinner”...

It was heart-warming to see the children so happy. Sze Lai Shan, the Community Organizer of SOCO said the toys would be distributed to other children very soon and they would most certainly be delighted.

Victor Chan summed it up nicely: “This year has been a difficult one for many families due to COVID 19, and families of those living below the poverty line have been particularly struggling. We very much hope these toys can bring some joy to children who are less fortunate than our own. It is so good to see them choose something from the pile of toys that they want and will appreciate.”


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