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VRC Race Series 2020


With a T3 hoisted for the last of 10 VRC races it was going to be a bit of a wild ride. The Club boat OC6 races had to be cancelled but the private OC1s, Va’a’s and Surfskis head out to Tai Tam Tok for the start. The race then headed out to the yellow can at Kissing Whales and then a long downwind run to the satellites and run across the bays to finish of the VRC. To adhere with social distancing rules, the race stated in waves and was self-timed.

The race morning started with a T3 but finished with no signals hoisted. Many were disappointed that the conditions were not more exciting but there was still some fun to be had. It favored the technical racers and messed with a few heads. All part of the game!

Nevertheless, the YC had some fantastic results with Stephanie Tovoli coming 1st in the women’s category beating some very strong competition. A well-deserved shout out there. Erin Juhl finished a strong 3rd and Sarah Wilson placed 4th with Christina Park not far behind.

Jeremy Young place 1st in the Va’a category (not an easy race in the big

conditions with no rudder). The OC1 category also had some strong finishes with a blistering 2nd place finish from our coach Alex De Marinda followed buy seven YC

paddlers. A 3rd place for the Squirrel (aka the writer of this piece) followed by Doug W, David S, Ryan L, Kwok Zu, Inigo SA and Steve T.

Overall a great day of racing, finishing with a few celebratory beers afterwards at Middle island (socially distanced of course). The next small boat race will be the Dragon’s Run on 14 November and the biggest race for the Club on 21 November will be the ATIR where we

have entered six OC6 teams! Stay tune for more on those races.

If you are not a paddler and this sounds like something you would like to get involved with visit the Club website to get more information.

This article appears in the December 2020 issue of Ahoy!


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