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Inspiring Youth Rowers

A very warm welcome to two of the most recent members of our RHKYC family passing on the flame to our youth!

Jacky Chiu Hin Chun, Hong Kong Team rower, has joined as a Young Member and Carmen Lee Ka Man, a former Hong Kong Team rower, has joined as a part-time rowing coach!

Being keen on windsurfing, fine rowing and coastal rowing, there is no doubt that Jacky is a long-time and huge fan of water sports. Jacky participated in the 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championship (WRCC) and after the race, he realised that not only did he love to row at Shing Mun River, but also in Victoria Harbour. Since the WRCC, he’s tried to make the most of his days off by participating in the Club’s coastal races such as the annual Around the Island Race (ATIR) – Rowing edition. For much of the past year, due to the Covid situation, there haven’t been many races so the last ATIR in 2020 was an opportunity start getting ready for the Tokyo Olympics.

At the time of writing, Jacky has already arrived in Japan hoping to qualify for the Olympics at the 2021 World Rowing Asia and Oceania Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regatta. Before he set off, Jacky expressed that he was thrilled to become a young member of the Club. He’s treasured the time to meet many of the Club’s experienced rowers and they could exchange their views on rowing development and learn from one another. He was eager to compete with the Club’s rowers so that he could improve and bring his rowing skills to the next level. ATIR 2021 has been inked into his race schedule and he’s even teamed up with fellow Hong Kong Rowing Teammate Winky Hui Wing Ki and they are both looking forwards to a return to this year’s 45km ‘sea marathon’.

Carmen officially retired from the Hong Kong Team on 31 March 2021. “It had been my plan to join the Club as a part-time rowing coach for a long time!” said Carmen. Retiring from the Hong Kong Team doesn’t mean retiring from rowing… now I get to continue in another vein.

Carmen is very keen on helping bringing rowing as a sport to the community, which of course also fits in with the Club’s mission. By being a part-time coach, she can continue to pursue her studies as well as train our local kids with her expertise. Carmen says that she’s happy to see an ever-increasing public interest in rowing. That interest is coming from all ages too. Carmen believes that with more youth from the community joining this sport, the rowing development in Hong Kong could be more vigorous.

Carmen and Jacky


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