Commodore's Message - November 2020

“…I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race..” Our Vice Patron Li Fook Hing, OBE sadly passed away in early October. And “Uncle Li”, as he was affectionately known, did participate and win quite a few races over the near 50 years he was a member of our Club, proudly helming his boats, some of which he even built himself! Whilst our thoughts go to his wife June and his family, we take the time in this issue of Ahoy! to remember fondly this multi-faceted and inspirational man.

Stepping back in time, it was on 26 October 1940 that over 500 people gathered on Kellett Island, as it was really an island then, for the official opening of the new Clubhouse by Acting Governor, Lieutenant-General Sir E.F. Norton. This was to become and still is our 4th main location in the history of our Club. More fascinating details on this event can be found on page 14. Right now I can let you know that we will be celebrating this anniversary ourselves on 21 November. With the Regatta Ball shifted to we hope a more manageable period, we shall instead have a 1940s themed black-tie dinner in the Compass Room. It promises to be a memorable event. Be sure to be there.

Our return to big boat racing at Middle Island could not have been better. China Coast Race Week was held in fantastic sailing conditions in the waters east of Lamma. Our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved from race management and volunteers, to competitors and to the sailing office. A full report will be forthcoming, but while you wait there are excellent footage and pictures available on our social media pages.

Our long awaited blue ribbon event will be upon us on 8 November, the Around the Island Race. A truly iconic race, it is one of the few occasions in our racing calendar where all boats big and small, young and old, congregate to take part together, making it a unique and festive occasion. On the same day, I will be representing the Club at the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph. I shall see you back at Kellett Island in the afternoon. Till then wear your poppy with pride, and give generously.

Rowers and paddlers will have their very own Around the Island Race, which is also for many, the main and iconic event in their calendar. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the inclusion of outrigger canoes and although it unfortunately won’t be the grand celebration that was being prepared due to the situation we are in, I hope our fellow members will join me in wishing all competitors the very best of luck and enjoyment.

Would you like $80,000 worth of F&B credit? Read on! The General Committee has agreed to release for sale three Individual Debenture Memberships at a unit selling price of $1,950,000 (valid from 1 October until 31 December) on a first come first serve basis.

To mark the 80th anniversary of our Kellett Island Clubhouse, the Committee also decided to extend a special offer first introduced last year, whereby any member successfully proposing a new Individual Debenture Member and the new Individual Debenture Member, will each qualify for a F&B credit worth $80,000 to be used within 18 months of the new member being admitted. Now surely that’s worth your attention. Referral details can be passed on to our team at the Membership Office on 2239 0372 or email:

In closing, I would like to thank you for the overwhelming messages of appreciation and support for our video. We shall take your comments on board and aim to provide you with fun and informative content. Meanwhile be sure to circulate it far and wide, and support our Club by subscribing to our YouTube channel RHKYC.

Going forward into the new normal, can I ask for your continued support in wearing your masks (we have greats Club ones now!) and help management in abiding by the prevailing social distancing requirements in place. These are important habits to ensure we can continue to enjoy our Club and activities.

Stay safe, sail well and paddle hard!